Our team of dedicated staff provides a range of ICT training services to support the seamless integration of e-learning into schools' curriculum, and facilitate a culture of e-learning in teachers and students. Through proposed intiatives and customised courses tailored to schools' needs and requirements, our ICT educators leverage schools' capabilities to synergise learning.

  • Infocomm Club

    Our Infocomm Trainers conduct training for schools under the IDA’s Infocomm Club Program (ICC). These trainers are extremely proficient in various areas such as 2D and 3D Animation, Advanced Videography, Stop Motion Animation, Claymation, Paper Cut Animation, Digital Art, Manga Art and Advanced Photography and Photo Manipulation.

    To spark students’ interest and inspire in them the possibilities of Infocomm Technology, we continually enhance our training to allow students to design, develop and deliver their own works. We aim to provide students with the quintessential skills, experience and exposure in Digital Media Technology of the future.

  • Residential Trainer Services

    Our Residential Trainers (RTs) are qualified and well-equipped to promote an e-learning culture in schools through various ICT initiatives. Working with key school personnel such as the Heads of Departments, Subject Heads and the IT Department, our RTs help to conceptualise and design customised ICT courses to achieve MOE’s Baseline ICT requirements for both primary and secondary levels.

    In addition to their scope as trainers, our RTs also provide basic support and administration for the schools’ websites and Learning Management System (LMS), design various illustrations for school posters and newsletters, as well as produce basic animation and videos for various purposes.

    Our RTs also render support in preparation and guidance for various inter-school competitions and have assisted the students to win various awards.

  • ICT Executive Services

    Our ICT Executives work very closely with schools’ Heads of Department (ICT) to analyse the ICT needs of the school and to propose suitable ICT solutions. With the ICT department under the ICT Executive’s care, managing the implementation of ICT projects, and coordinating and collaborating with various internal and external parties are the ICT executive’s key responsibilities in school.

    Our ICT Executives always remain up-to-date with latest ICT developments and innovations. They proactively scan the market for new technological tools that support teaching and learning, and assess the feasibility of school implementation.

  • Specialised Training Services

    In a rapidly developing ICT environment, schools need strong, dedicated partners who will strive hand-in-hand to ensure that their pupils are well-prepared to embrace new technologies.

    Learning Edge, a subsidiary of Marshall Cavendish Education, has been in the local education scene since the initial MOE Masterplan was envisioned. Our staff are equipped with a high level of competencies in ICT, coupled with a strong understanding of the needs of the local education sector. With a strong focus on continuous learning and upgrading, as well as committed curricular and pedagogical support from Marshall Cavendish, a pioneer in educational publications, we offer unmatched credibility in providing integrated ICT education to our client schools.