The MC eBook is an innovative digital textbook viewer that combines both print and digital resources to provide teachers and students with the best blended learning experience. Packed with colourful visuals and interactive elements, MC eBooks aim to engage students, and facilitate classroom instruction for teachers through intuitive digital tools which enhance teaching and assessment options. Accessible across all platforms (Windows/Mac/Android/iPad), MC eBooks empower students to learn any time, anywhere, nurturing them to become self-directed learners.

  • Interactive White Board

    Illustrate and explain concepts easily to students through visual aids drawn on the Interactive White Board. Add notes and comments on the illustrations for further discussion and review of concepts. Tag the whiteboard illustrations to specific pages in the eBooks for quick and easy reference.

  • Lesson Builder

    Create lessons, and customise them to students’ different abilities - tag and attach additional resources for students to explore, and reinforce their understanding of concepts.